[Unboxing/Review] American Weigh Signature Series Black Digital Pocket Scale [HD]

This is a great pocket scale that weighs up to 1000g or 1kg. It’s size makes if extremely portable. There are different models that can weight heavier items, but this is what I need to weigh small parts. This scale weighs for 0.1, there are other ones that AWS makes that weight 0.01. This scale is extreme sensitive, even moving your hand over the scale and cause it to change. Make sure when you are measuring that the scale is leveled. A quick way to tell if your scale is calibrated is by using a American 5 cent Nickel and weighing it. It should weight 5.0 g. Overall I really recommend this scale for someone who need a small compact scale for weighing things.

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jewelery[Unboxing/Review] American Weigh Signature Series Black Digital Pocket Scale [HD]

Hardcore Pawn – Women gets $10000 for a ruby!

A woman wanted to sell her deceased grandmother’s gems to pay for her funeral. Ashley thought that they were all nothing but glass costume jewellery, but Les still wanted the shop’s gemologist to test them out. Ashley thought that having them tested would be a waste of time, but Les wanted them tested, lest he wanted to risk thousands of dollars walking out the door. After the gems were tested, Ashley was right that all of them were glass, except for one, which is a genuine gem worth tens of thousands of dollars.

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jeweleryHardcore Pawn – Women gets $10000 for a ruby!