6 Aliexpress Dropshipping Mistakes that New Sellers Make – w/Dan Dasilva

Learn what these 6 aliexpress dropshipping mistakes are that new sellers make – with Dan Dasilva.

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When it comes to dropshipping on Aliexpress, there are 6 big Aliexpress dropshipping mistakes that new sellers make that cost them thousands of dollars in lost sales. If you’re just getting started, then learn what they are so that you can avoid them, and shortcut your way to success!

#1 Of the Aliexpress dropshipping mistakes: Not buying from reputable sellers

Buying from reputable sellers means that you can trust that your customers will get their product shipped to them, and that they will be happy with the quality of it too. Here is how to filter the results to only show reputable Aliexpress sellers:

1. Go to Aliexpress.
2. Search for the item you want to source/dropship.
3. Tick 4 stars so that Aliexpress will only show you products with a 4+ star rating.
4. Click “orders.” Aliexpress will now list the results based on the number of orders a supplier has fulfilled for an item that week.
5. Go through the results, and find the supplier for your item with the highest number of orders that also has a 4+ star rating from buyers.

Working with reputable sellers that are selling a high quality product will keep your customers happy… and happy customers make for repeat buyers!

#2 Of the Aliexpress dropshipping mistakes: Not talking to your supplier

When dropshipping, you should always get to know your suppliers. If you personally reach out to them, you can negotiate special deals like lower prices, free shipping and more. Talk to your suppliers and form a relationship with them.

#3 Of the Aliexpress dropshipping mistakes: Creating a general store and selling everything

You should always be looking to create a store that focuses on a specific niche. Don’t try to be like Walmart and sell everything. By offering lots of choices, you create lots of distractions. Your conversion rates will be much higher if you focus on finding a few high-quality products that appeal to a specific niche that will make them excited and inspire them to buy right then-there without distracting them with other products that they don’t want.

In addition, focusing on a particular niche allows you to build your branding around it, which will also increase your conversions. You can focus on finding the right store name, URL, store theme, colour scheme, logo and more to fit with your niche.

#4 Of the Aliexpress dropshipping mistakes: Focusing on the “Best Selling Items” on Aliexpress

A lot of people pick their items by going to the “Best Sellers” on Aliexpress, and assume that those are the hot items that they should be promoting. But this isn’t the case: There are lots of items on Aliexpress that will sell very well, but people haven’t necessarily discovered them yet. So don’t get hung up on the “Best Sellers” and be prepared to find your own items on there to sell.

#5 Of the Aliexpress dropshipping mistakes: Losing money by focusing on getting new customers, rather than on upsells

Did you know that it costs McDonalds $1.91 in advertising to get you to buy something? Then, when you go ahead and purchase a burger for $2.08, they only make $0.18. Doesn’t seem worth it, right?

Buuuut… when they sell you fries and a drink for $1.50 more, they are now currently making $1.68 in revenue… an increase by over 900%! If McDonalds were to instead take the mentality of increasing revenue through finding new customers, they’d have to find over 9 new customers.

The lesson for this is that it’s a lot easier to increase revenue/profit by upselling current customers and getting them to spend more, than it is to focus on advertising and trying to acquire more customers. When setting up your Shopify store then, focus on building funnels that upsell customers you’ve captured into spending more money with you, rather than just investing in more paid advertising.

#6 Of the Aliexpress dropshipping mistakes: Not letting the market dictate what you should sell

There are lots of tools at your disposal which will help you pick the right items to sell. You have the Google Keyword Research Tool which will tell you which keywords/phrases (and thus items) that people are searching for. And you have the Facebook marketing insights which tells you purchasing behaviour, what pages people like and gives you insights into the types of demographics you can target.

Use these tools to help you identify items that people want to purchase. Don’t try to guess.

If you’ve got any questions about these 6 Aliexpress dropshipping mistakes that new sellers make, be sure to leave them in the comments section below!


jewelery6 Aliexpress Dropshipping Mistakes that New Sellers Make – w/Dan Dasilva

Daily Huddle – Ep 21 | STOP Selling Generic Products In Your Shopify Store

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2. My question is… What books do you read? which additional books can I read to directly help me master drop shipping, driving traffic, social media marketing, email marketing.Facebook ads (and how to understand and analyze the data like cpc ) and anything else you might think is helpful.

3. Can I ask if we can advertise on FB and Instagram simultaneously?

4. Whats the best result am i aiming for when it comes to cost per purchase? Does it matter as long as its ROI positive? Or do you have a certain target that you aim for? I’m doing 4 ads with purchase $5/day all of em 9-10 relevance score but only making 1 sale/day. Or is that a sign to scale up and spend more on the ads?

5. My colleague, Esrar Mongie invested in some of your products like iProAcademy and LeadsTunnel to mention but a few. Together, we set up a Shopify site, where we are marketing camping gear off Aliexpress. We’ve been running ads of Facebook getting some traffic to the site but not getting any sales. Initially, we targeted the USA market and more recently have included Australia and New Zealand. Our basis was that being winter in the northern hemisphere (USA), our camping gear would probably do better in the southern hemisphere, (Australia and New Zealand) currently experiencing summer.

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jeweleryDaily Huddle – Ep 21 | STOP Selling Generic Products In Your Shopify Store