Milligram Scale – alternative to Acculab VIC-123 or Sartorius AY123 is your source for digital scales at great prices.

EPB203 milligram scale has a weighing capacity of 200 grams and increments in 1 milligram divisions. Additional models include the EPB103 with 100g capacity or the EPB303 with 300 grams weighing capacity.

This low cost milligram scale incorporates a strain gauge loadcell for the weigh sensor. Weighs in multiple weigh units from grams, ounces, pennyweight, grains and many more weigh modes.

The EPB milligram scales are an excellent alternative models to the discontinued Acculab VIC123, VIC303, Sartorius AY123, AY303 or Denver Instruments MXX123. Target markets would be the educational science classroom looking for an affordable digital milligram scale.

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jeweleryMilligram Scale – alternative to Acculab VIC-123 or Sartorius AY123