Aarna Systems Demo for Barcode generation and integration

Aarna Systems Demo for Barcode generation and integration using PHP, Cake or Code Igniter MVC framework. The above demo is to show how we generate barcode for use on shipping labels, PRoducts, Tickets, Invoices etc.

Examples of how bar codes are used :-

1. Point of sale is one of the most common segments of the bar code market. Everyone is familiar with the scanners in grocery and department stores. We can print the labels with barcode which can used on your products for barcode scanners to decode it.
2. Employee identification badges
3. They are widely used in the healthcare and hospital settings, ranging from patient identification (to access patient data, including medical history, drug allergies, Patient identification wristband etc
4. Facilitate the separation and indexing of documents that have been imaged in batch scanning applications
5. Keep track of objects and people; they are used to
6. Keep track of rental cars, airline luggage, nuclear waste, registered mail, express mail and parcels.
7. Barcoded tickets allow the holder to enter sports arenas, cinemas, theatres, fairgrounds, and transportation, and are used to record the arrival and departure of vehicles from rental facilities etc. This can allow proprietors to identify duplicate or fraudulent tickets more easily.
8. Barcodes are widely used in shop floor control applications software where employees can scan work orders and track the time spent on a job.

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jeweleryAarna Systems Demo for Barcode generation and integration