BANGKOK / THAI GOLD INDUSTRY – Amazing Amass of Gold Bars & Jewelry Easily Available

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BANGKOK / THAI GOLD INDUSTRY – Amazing Amass of Gold Bars & Jewelry Easily Available

Thai Gold is famous worldwide for its high purity of 96.5 percent (or 23 carat). Thai Gold is measured in “Baht” and is not to be confussed with the same word for Thailand’s Currency.

Baht is a unit of weight measurement for Gold in Thailand where 1 Baht is equal to 15.244 grams in raw bullion form or 15.16 grams when it sold as jewellery. Thai Gold is also measured in “Salung” which is a smaller unit when compared with Baht, where 1 salung is a quarter baht (0.25 baht) or 3.81 grams.
A purity of 96.5 percent means in 1 Baht of Gold 96.5 percent of it is pure gold while the rest is made of metals such as silver. There are plenty of shops in Bangkok which sell gold, the most famous area for buying gold is Yaowarat in China Town which have over 130 gold shops lined up selling all kinds of gold. Always beware of scams on gold, there are plenty of scam artist in which they try to sell you fake gold or impure gold. Make sure to buy gold from reputable and trusted shops only. GOLD in CHINATOWN BANGKOK THAILAND – Yaowarat เยาวราชและพาหุรัด is Famous for Many Gold Shops Yaowarrat Investors across the globe are, with caution, re-entering the market for gold, making a bet against the global economy as gold prices surged this past week to their highest level in eight months, the Economist reported. Gold Silver “Gold Bullion” Thai Thailand Bangkok “Thai Gold” Jewelry “Gold Chain” “999 Gold” Silver bullion shop trade “Gold Trading” commodity Chinatown china chinese Buy Sell Premium “Gold Necklace” investment savings “Bank Account” Cash “Savings Account” BKK “Forex Trading” tourism travel 2016 2017 asia asian Singapore “Tax Refund” “Bangkok Hotel” money forex elite “Elite NWO Agenda”

Renewed fears of deflation stemming from falling oil prices have pushed down interest rates, which also has been good for gold, the Economist noted. On commercial bank deposits, some banks have imposed negative interest rates, which create an incentive to invest in gold. The government of Canada sold off large chunks of its gold reserves in recent weeks, continuing a pattern of moving away from the precious metal as a government asset. jim rogers marc faber alex jones infowars rant prediction max keiser jsnip4 montagraph demcad gerald celente david icke crash boom price futures debt credit

The Nikkei has now fallen for seven of the past eight days, and investors in Japan are in full panic mode. Overall, global stocks are well into bear market territory, and nearly 17 trillion dollars of global stock market wealth has already been wiped out. China’s gold holdings grew by 604 tons to 1,658 tons since 2009, according to the data from People’s Bank of China revealed on Friday.

Some analysts say China’s unexpected data announcement is a move to support the recognition of its currency. China is seeking IMF acknowledgement of the yuan as an official reserve currency, on par with the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro and the British pound.I do believe that another financial crisis on the scale of 2008 would trigger “a cataclysmic, uncontrollable backlash”.


jeweleryBANGKOK / THAI GOLD INDUSTRY – Amazing Amass of Gold Bars & Jewelry Easily Available