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jewelerygrasshopper tutorial §

Energy meters

Laser marking (deep) on Energy meters made of polycarbonate. Markolaser laser markers are precise and sharp when it comes to deep marking in a very short time. Automations in laser marking also possible.


jeweleryEnergy meters

What is augmented reality applied to the point of sale? Ideus AR

Do you want to know how augmented reality applied to the point of sale works? We present you a pioneering application for the digitization of the store: just by focusing the packaging with the smartphone camera the product is projected three-dimensional outside the box.

You can rotate it, zoom it in or out and observe it from all points of view, while a voice presents the most outstanding features of the product.

End users receive more information about the product and enjoy a more satisfying shopping experience; regarding the point of sale, the time spent by users in the store increases, so the conversion rate and sales improve equally.

Download the Ideus AR iOS app from the Apple Store:
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If you want more information, enter our website or contact us: https:


jeweleryWhat is augmented reality applied to the point of sale? Ideus AR

[Perceptik] Augmented Commerce

Perceptik™ is a MARKERLESS AUGMENTED REALITY mobile platform for clients to visualise and test their point of sales materials in close-to-true scale, in actual retail environments.

Backed by H1Studio, a digital agency with +10 years experience, we are able to take customers’ POSM drawings or 3D files and via turn-key solution, augment into a white-labelled enterprise app within weeks.

The app can be password protected, with different content served to different logins so one enterprise app can serve many departments or customers.

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jewelery[Perceptik] Augmented Commerce

Top 5 Best Large 3D Printers on Amazon in 2018

Top 5 Best Large 3D Printers on Amazon in 2018

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