Weight Watchers Bathroom Scale Reviews Reveal Consumer Warning

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In this video review of the Weight Watchers model WW65 bathroom scale you will see why it is getting bad reviews. These horrific reviews should serve as a warning for anyone looking for a bathroom scale that provides accurate weight measurements.

As can be viewed in my video, this Weight Watchers scale fails to register a weight. The unit is stuck at 0 lbs and simply does not work, even after trying to reboot it according to instructions. It’s my hard earned money down the drain as returning this defective product would cost more in freight to and from the manufacturer’s facility then it is worth for a faulty product. In my opinion, consumers should be warned about this defective scale and select a suitable model from a more reliable brand.

The manufacturer of this bathroom scale is Conair Corporation and apparently Weight Watchers lent their brand for marketing purposes. Sometimes branded items are great and other times, as is the case for Weight Watchers on this scale, it can backfire.

Advertised Specifications:

Weight Watchers Branded Scale Made by Conair Corporation
Capacity: 400lbs / 180kg
Measures: body weight, body fat, body water, bone mass and BMI
Memory Functions: 4 user memory
Model Number: WW65
Other Identifying Numbers: 0613JB
UPC: 074108294050


jeweleryWeight Watchers Bathroom Scale Reviews Reveal Consumer Warning