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Customer Management: Attract Valuable Customers

Customer management capabilities enable retailers to boost the quantity of high-quality customers proactively. These applications collect data on your own clients’ purchase histories, helping you to identify your most profitable shoppers determined by their spend. This offers one more layer of transparency that retailers without POS systems just can’t obtain.
Identifying regular shoppers is quite crucial: Two-thirds of respondents to your survey state they are likely to stop shopping in a given store when they aren’t acknowledged as loyal

Sales Reporting & Analytics:  Transparency Into Data

Sales reporting and analytics functionality mean that you can capture and analyze your store’s sales data. Not only does this automatically monitor what’s selling well, additionally, but it also shows just how much revenue you’re making on each product. This enables you to identify while keeping focused on driving sales for your top money-making items.

Inventory Management: Eliminate Manual Inventory

Controlling the number of on-site inventory plays a significant role in the success of your store. Inventory management capabilities offer you an on-demand window for your stock. This enables you to eliminate inefficiencies, including manually counting inventory and digging through “the back” to get a particular item.
Our buyer data shows inventory management is often a must-have for retailers, as 74 percent of POS buyers we consulted request it.

Point of Sale: The Workhorse with the POS System

This last entry may appear obvious. Nevertheless, the software and hardware supporting the checkout process warrants mentioning. Since checkout is the first interaction between both you and your customers, it’s critical that nothing goes completely wrong at this stage. A POS system lessens the potential for human error by automating such checkout tasks as item look-up and price calculation.

Point of Sales

  • Easy to use interface & easy to understand fast lookup.

  • Sales, Product Sales Return, Advance ( Purchase ) transactions Hold and Void transaction.

  • Multiple Collection Mode ( Enter all collection information here ) View item & customer pictures.

  • You can manage the Inventory of jewelry.

  • It uses the Bar code Technology.

  • It has an Administrator Panel to define the user rights.

  • It facilitates to create new users like Administrator, Data Entry Operator with different rights.

  • It manages employees data.

  • It gives the facility to change the gold rate at any time and also keeps the full record by time and date of this change.

  • Allowed retail devices ( like a bar code scanner and printer, customer display, weighing Scale, Invoice Printer, etc. )

  • Finish of day register and reconciliation.

  • It facilitates to cost an item saving in account of the relevant worker or supplier before entering into stock.

  • It gives the facility to keep the Multiple Pictures of Every Item with different angles.

  • It provides the facility to have separate stock of Gold, Diamond and Silver.

  • Facility to add an item in stock with its complete information i.e. net weight, qty, polish weight, stones and beads (complete details).

  • Complete record of advance receiving’s & balances of cash, used gold and pure gold against an order.

  • Facility to amendment in the details of an order item i.e weight etc. at the time of delivery to customer as well as its record of booking having made from a worker & delivering it to the customer.

  • Complete record of issuing jewelry as sample till receiving.

  • Easy to Recheck and Re-Conciliate the Stock by Bar code  Scanning.

  • It shows complete information of a tag when you scan a tag at the time of sale i.e. picture, weight, making etc. with its net price according to the current gold rate.

  • Complete record of change in stock with its operator.

  • Keeps the Complete Record of Daily Shop Expenses,Utility Bills,Cash Transactions Or Sale And Purchase of the Gold , Silver Jewelry.

  • You can view the jewelry pictures with different aspects i.e. stock, sold, damage and deleted.

  • You can also view the pictures with different selections like date range, weight range, worker wise, stones & beeds wise.

  • Complete and item wise profit and loss report.

  • It gives the facility to print any kind of invoice or bill.

  • It gives the facility to pay the bill with cash, pure or used gold , cheque or credit card.

  • Any kind of vouchers like cash or gold balance transaction vouchers , bank transactions vouchers or journal vouchers etc.

  • Manages repairing details of jewelry items.

  • Backup facility keeps your sales or picture records safe.

  • You can manage your Capital, Asset, Liabilities, Expense and Revenue with the help of five level accounting system in Jewel Manager.

  • It has embedded SMS software to send the greetings or important messages to the customers.

  • No need to be a full computer expert To use this software.

  • A demo copy Is available for the customers for free.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer history, Purchasing history & Payment history.

  • Customer/ salesperson history.

  • Standard discounts & special pricing.

  • Targeted mailing lists.

  • Envelope & label printing.

  • Loyalty rewards program – points tracking, variable rates of points according to customer or inventory categories.

    And Much More…


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