Hanif Jewellers

We switched to BringooTech in August of 2013 after doing extensive research on all of the major jewelry software companies.
BringooTech was the only company who would allow us to make changes to tailor the software to our needs.
Craig worked with us to do extensive changes to the software and develop a portal to better manage our clientelling among other things.
When I call Craig for a change we would like to see made he gets it done.
BringooTech has definitely helped propel our business forward and after having it for over 3 years I would definitely do it all over again!.

Hanif Jewellers

Hafiz Jee Jewellers

I’ve been using Jewels software since 2010, although the implementation from manual data entry to computerize was really hard,
the Jewels team were patience enough to go through the whole process with us. With all the customization done to fit our business purpose,
it helps us to reduce our workers due to increased in production efficiency.

Hafiz Jee Jewellers

Waseem Jewellers

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to adopt BringooTech for our POS and inventory needs.
Going from a completely manual (hand written records) sales and inventory system to a system that understands the
jewelry industry and adapts itself to the industry needs was the best move we made two years ago. Everything is a click away.
This allows for ease in inventory control and record keeping providing our customers with detailed sales history.
The entire store staff has recognized the efficiency BringooTech has provided us.

Waseem Jewellers