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jeweleryLive Jewelry Box Unboxing – Will I Find Gold? – Friend Mail Box from Rose -Jewelry Haul
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  • Nancy A Roberts - January 12, 2018 reply

    When my son was little, he explained to me that men fart, but ladies "poof"!

  • Jojo - January 12, 2018 reply

    Lol Margaret. Every time you say my YouTube user name you say it different. Today I've got an extra kid and one less cat 😀😀lol

  • Paula KyRed - January 12, 2018 reply

    Well I flunked the first question.. I was yellin' Neptune 🤔

  • Diana Jemison - January 12, 2018 reply

    Yep, Poseidon is Greek and Neptune is Roman. Lots of good stuff there. Glad your sister's ok. Just looked it up. Farts stay right there because of no gravity (in the ISS). Eeewwww stinky! If you're in a space suit it's a different story.

  • autumn grace - January 12, 2018 reply

    Fun video with lots of goodies ,,.Thanks

  • Cristina Figueroa - January 12, 2018 reply

    I hate the word.. youin's.. it's like ourTX y'all,

  • Gen'kalovesmakeup - January 12, 2018 reply

    I guess that's where the tight butt expression came from with those business ladies walking with those buns so squeezed tight you can mine diamonds from such a tight ars lmao😂😂😂 and what about the middle aged guys with their pants pulled way up almost to their dude jugs? I know totally R rated comment sorry but can someone please explain to me what is up with that? Lmao love ya Margaret xoxo😘

  • Heather - January 12, 2018 reply

    OMG Margaret, I had 3 boys & the eldest taught the other two how fun it was to light farts on fire (yes, really) – look what you have to look forward to :O

  • The Yellow Rose Reseller - January 12, 2018 reply

    Been to the bins. I got tons of vintage salt and pepper shakers!!!

  • Angie Rodriguez - January 12, 2018 reply

    Your make up looks just fine Hon. You are never overdone. The word I can't stand is the alternative word for cat, that starts with the letter p and ends in y. gag

  • Zmay Jewelry - January 12, 2018 reply

    Tnx for sharing here, I missed your live stream 🙂

  • Connie Kline - January 12, 2018 reply


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