Jewelry digital scales Call 1-300SCALES Jeweler’s digital scales are made specifically for stores, resellers, or individuals
who buy and sell items like loose diamonds, semi-precious stones or metals like gold.
They are specifically designed to weigh even the smallest amounts of weight.
Jewelry scales can be used to weigh carats in the case of diamonds,
or simply the weight of metals that make up gold jewelry.

Jewellers scales can be used by anyone.
Insurance companies can use Jeweler’s digital scales to appraise the real value of rings,
bracelets or necklaces for policies. Auction houses can also use Jjewellers scales
to determine the fair value of diamonds, gold, silver or semi-precious stones.
People with metal detectors can use digital jewelry scales
to get the fair value for the items that they find.

Remember when buying a digital jewellers scales is that it measures weight
in different ways. Whether it is carats or grams, there are Jeweler’s digital scales
for most purposes that require accuracy in weights and other measures like carats.

If you are interested in jeweler’s digital scales or other measuring scales,
you can call us at 1-300-SCALES or see us at


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