Garage Sale & Thrift Store Haul – Periscope Replay – Jewelry Haul – How I Make Money Selling Online

I scored some sweet jewelry, costume and sterling silver, and 2 American Girl dolls!! I can’t wait to flip them for a nice profit!!

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Some of the tools I use:

Metal Testing Kit I got:

Pop Up Photo Tent:

Dymo printer:

Poly bag combo pack:

Poly Mailers:


Here’s where you can find me:

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Come along as I share thrifting, reselling, cooking, and general life juggling. All of this with a song and a smile (most of the time!)

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jeweleryGarage Sale & Thrift Store Haul – Periscope Replay – Jewelry Haul – How I Make Money Selling Online
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  • Kathern Pernell - January 13, 2018 reply

    Go to woodprix page if you want to learn how to build it yourself

  • Bobby Rock - January 13, 2018 reply

    Some metal will not react to acid

  • Bargain Huntress - January 13, 2018 reply

    How does one find out when you do your live podcasts?

  • Dina Cox - January 13, 2018 reply

    My email is I am just not much of a facebook person. Please don't worry about this until after your wonderful trip. Just enjoy yourself and your lovely family. Best, Dina

  • Kelly - January 13, 2018 reply

    Awesome Finds! Great Jewerly finds! What is a Ration Book? Might be spelt wrong! Hope your having a Blast on your trip. And stay Safe! Enjoy Girlfriend! Take Care! Hugs, love, and Prayers😀♥️💜 You rock Margret you and Tonya definitely know your customs Jewerly n names. I don't have a clue. Just the real gold n name of links. Happy Belated 4th! My daughter lived in Seattle at one time. 19 packed the car n just went! Lol!

  • Lois poe - January 13, 2018 reply

    Ok. Thank you very much for your time

  • Lois poe - January 13, 2018 reply

    I'm sorry but I do not have a Facebook page.

  • Sherry Kistler - January 13, 2018 reply

    have a great trip!

  • Dina Cox - January 13, 2018 reply

    I love the "Germany" bracelet. Let me know when you are ready to sell…I am a buyer! Dina. P.S. remember I live in Houston.

  • Creating Happy Mondays - January 13, 2018 reply

    It was great seeing you in Portland

  • Karen Petrasovits - January 13, 2018 reply

    I have my dad's ration book from when he was a child. Have a safe trip! I hope you find lots of cool stuff!

  • Pentecostal_Guy - January 13, 2018 reply

    I love Spokane!!! I used To Live In Seattle!

  • Aliceops - January 13, 2018 reply

    2 of my husband's sisters are in Oregon and I really enjoy visiting over there. I hope you enjoy your trip, sounds excellent! I am so jealous of you finding the American girl dolls! What a steal. What is it with people refusing to sell you things because they didnt now it was for sale?! I went to one sale where the whole house was opened and found a Beatles tea towel on a dresser amidst other linen. Me: How much for this? Her: oh! I didn't know that was in there, it's not for sale, where did you find it? Me: on the dresser, can I get a finder's fee?

  • Lois poe - January 13, 2018 reply

    I would be interested in both of the American girl dolls

  • sherry1674w - January 13, 2018 reply

    Happy Fourth of July to you and yours! God Bless and have a great trip!!!

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