Escali Pico High Precision Pocket Scale

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This hand-held, ultra-sensitive mini scale is a 4.5 x 3.75 x 1 inch scale that measures up to 500 grams. This is an extra-sensitive capacity normally only found in larger, more expensive scientific scales. A great multi-function scale for use at home, restaurant, laboratory, office, food portioning control, postage or hobby use.

+ Compact Pocket-sized Design
The ultra compact design is easy to store away and very travel friendly.

+ Display Hold
Hold weight measurements on screen when weighing large items, even after they are removed from the scale.

+ Parts Counting
Count large quantities of small items with the accuracy and speed of a digital scale.

+ Tare Feature
Reset the scale to zero weight to measure multiple items or subtract the weight of container. (50 gram maximum tare.)

+ Automatic Shut-off
The scale will turn off after five minutes of inactivity to help conserve and extend battery life.


jeweleryEscali Pico High Precision Pocket Scale
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