Daily Huddle – Ep 21 | STOP Selling Generic Products In Your Shopify Store

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Today’s Theme: STOP Selling Generic Products In Your Shopify Store

Questions Asked In This Episode

1. I have a question, my Facebook Pixel is correctly installed, some of my ads show lot of add to card and website purchase, but when i get back to my Shopify store I don’t see any purchase or add to card ! what can be the problem here ?

2. My question is… What books do you read? which additional books can I read to directly help me master drop shipping, driving traffic, social media marketing, email marketing.Facebook ads (and how to understand and analyze the data like cpc ) and anything else you might think is helpful.

3. Can I ask if we can advertise on FB and Instagram simultaneously?

4. Whats the best result am i aiming for when it comes to cost per purchase? Does it matter as long as its ROI positive? Or do you have a certain target that you aim for? I’m doing 4 ads with purchase $5/day all of em 9-10 relevance score but only making 1 sale/day. Or is that a sign to scale up and spend more on the ads?

5. My colleague, Esrar Mongie invested in some of your products like iProAcademy and LeadsTunnel to mention but a few. Together, we set up a Shopify site, where we are marketing camping gear off Aliexpress. We’ve been running ads of Facebook getting some traffic to the site but not getting any sales. Initially, we targeted the USA market and more recently have included Australia and New Zealand. Our basis was that being winter in the northern hemisphere (USA), our camping gear would probably do better in the southern hemisphere, (Australia and New Zealand) currently experiencing summer.

About Fred Lam

Fred Lam started his working life over 13 years ago as a dishwasher. Knowing that he wanted more from life, Fred began venturing into the online business world. His knowledge and accomplishments in the media buying field brought him recognition and prestigious positions. He quickly launched to the top as the youngest Marketing Manager for BMW Group Canada. Today, Fred is the CEO of several multimillion-dollar businesses, including iPro Academy. Fred has coached thousands of students around the world and continues sharing his knowledge in Starting From Zero.

What other days about Fred Lam

“I have never seen someone that can simplify an online business the way that Fred can. Imagine, you can put the entire country of China at your disposal! Amazing…” ~ Anik Singal, CEO of Lurn

“I recommend anyone looking to quickly start an online business work with Fred Lam. This man is brilliant. He has already gone out and change so many lives!” ~ Les Brown, #1 Motivational Speaker

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jeweleryDaily Huddle – Ep 21 | STOP Selling Generic Products In Your Shopify Store
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  • tech einstien - January 14, 2018 reply

    Will the net neutrality affect dropshipping??please reply.

  • John Ling - January 14, 2018 reply

    wow i need daily huddle

  • John Ling - January 14, 2018 reply

    Thanks for this advice

  • Ragnaros Unleashed - January 14, 2018 reply

    He got some watches or something spinning right behind him in a toaster oven like thing…. xd

  • Yann Le Décodeur - January 14, 2018 reply

    What is up everybody, Fred Lam here!!

  • MasterVSolo - January 14, 2018 reply

    Hi, I have my ticket to the rich dad summit what time does summit start UK time? Do we get a reminder when it starts?

  • Leon Ledergerber - January 14, 2018 reply

    aaaand another one

  • Daniel Blanchard - January 14, 2018 reply

    Wow!!! Thanks much Fred about the generic rant… You confirmed a few products I meant to test:-)

  • Donna Rodgers - January 14, 2018 reply

    me, but I didn't get the email today

  • Gift Shop For All Occasions - January 14, 2018 reply

    Fred hope you don't matt at me, but i have to said it! You are a Superhero FRED, Thanks so much for all the information, help and training you are giving us, honestly i been trying to make it work but i haven't, but guess what i am not a quitter and i will keep going until i make it work, Since i signup with ZeroUp i've learned over 80% compared to the last 15 years back, i'd never make a single sale before until i start using your training, there so many pros and cons but i can't give up because i have a family and i make them a promise and i have to do whatever it takes to give them what i promised to them, and reach my goal, hope one day i can have the privilege to meet you in person shake your hand and i am so positive that, that day will be a bless for me and my family. just want to say, Thanks FRED, For that knowledge you share with us and we pray for you every night to keep that humble personality and get full of blessing for you and your family. Thanks from our family Nava.

  • Guillaume Oz - January 14, 2018 reply

    Very interesting video, thanks for the advices !

  • Magdalena Stasiak - January 14, 2018 reply

    I just had my phone ching with a sale loool:D

  • Magdalena Stasiak - January 14, 2018 reply

    hey Fred

  • Carlos Brillante - January 14, 2018 reply


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