Buying & Selling Jewelry Q & A, What to Look for When Buying Jewelry to Sell on Ebay & Etsy

In this Selling Jewelry Q&A video, I hang out with my Go-To Girlfriends when I need to know more about jewelry.


Some of the tools I use:

Metal Testing Kit I got:

Jewelry Magnet:

Jeweler’s Loupe:

Keychain Loupe:

Ring Sizer:

Bakelite Testing:

Pop Up Photo Tent:

Dymo printer:

Poly bag combo pack:

Poly Mailers:


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jeweleryBuying & Selling Jewelry Q & A, What to Look for When Buying Jewelry to Sell on Ebay & Etsy
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  • Murphy the Eskie - January 11, 2018 reply

    Love jewelry discussions like this! I think I have watched / listened at least 3 or 4 times, LOL! i hope you do more in the future, really fun and informative! Thanks, ladies! ❤️

  • Linda B. - January 11, 2018 reply

    great show love you 4 ladies!

  • 2know4sure - January 11, 2018 reply

    love Karen's magnet. She could wear it as a pendent when thrifting!! lol..

  • 2know4sure - January 11, 2018 reply

    Been watching your vids', finally subscribed. Congrats on reaching 10,000 subscribers!!

  • mary hodgins - January 11, 2018 reply

    Hi…Really annoying echo on Karen's mic and sometimes Tanya…too bad…good info

  • Lisa Martin - January 11, 2018 reply

    Can't wait for part 2!

  • Karen Petrasovits - January 11, 2018 reply

    Four of my favorite ladies in one place! It was a great show.

  • Teri Hanna - January 11, 2018 reply

    Loved the video, missed the live stream, so glad it was posted on fb! Thanks Ladies!

  • Swag Maven - January 11, 2018 reply

    What a great show! I follow each of you ladies and have learned sooo much. And you have made the learning fun. I hope you have more of these.

  • Heather Kissick - January 11, 2018 reply

    We don't get jewellery jars here, so I usually buy job lots off eBay and resell again on Etsy and eBay. I really must look into getting a loupe and magnet, they would be really useful.

  • Angie Mash - January 11, 2018 reply

    If I am at a charity shop and forget my magnifier, they usually sell reader glasses and I'll use a strog pair of theirs to look at jewelry or the bottom of pottery etc. it helps in a bind. thanks good video!

  • Cindy Loven - January 11, 2018 reply

    I hate that I missed this live. Loving Tonya's hat

  • Cindy Loven - January 11, 2018 reply

    I recycle padded envelopes and my amazon boxes

  • Ann Eckhart - January 11, 2018 reply

    Four of my favorite ladies! So needed this video as I have so much jewelry to sort thru!

  • Thrift Daddy - January 11, 2018 reply

    I am so sorry I missed this. I love selling signed sterling jewelry

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