AWS-100 American Weigh Digital Pocket Scale, DiY E-Juice E-Liquid [Unboxing 4K UHD]

AWS-100 American Weigh Digital Pocket Scale, DiY E-Juice E-Liquid [Unboxing 4K UHD]

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Hello everybody,

In this video, I unbox a digital pocket scale by American Weigh Scales, their AWS-100 model.

My last AWS-100 scale stopped working last week and it was giving me a “FULL” error code on the screen. All the buttons were unresponsive, the LCD was locked/stuck on that “FULL” screen and removing the batteries overnight did not reset it. It lasted a good 5 months before it gave me that “FULL” error code; which, honestly, isn’t too bad at all considering this scale was only $10 (the price of 1-2 packs of cigarettes over the course of 5 months). Not to mention it also has a 10-year warranty. So, I sent the broken one to AWS’ warranty department in Georgia so they could replace it with a new one (which they processed and shipped out promptly – within 1 week – Excellent customer service I must say) . It’s always good to have a back up.

Since warranty services could usually be slow, and since I needed to whip up some more e-juice asap for future vaping, I ordered another AWS-100 on eBay. They’re cheap anyways at around $10. Nothing spectacular in this video. Just me unboxing it, calibrating it, weighing a few nickels and also a bottle of e-liquid.

It’s a good scale, especially for its’ price. It seems accurate and is more than sufficient for weighing and batching up some DiY e-juice/e-liquid, drugs, jewelry or other very small, lightweight objects. I highly recommend it.

Thanks for watching.

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Camera used for this video (with affiliate links for purchase):
Sony A6300
Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS lens


jeweleryAWS-100 American Weigh Digital Pocket Scale, DiY E-Juice E-Liquid [Unboxing 4K UHD]
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  • Danny - January 14, 2018 reply

    um i calibrated this and everything but for some reason when i put a nickel (not dirty and is new) it comes out as 20grams or 19.99… any suggestions?

  • xAlr - January 14, 2018 reply

    got the same one. when i drop a dime on it, it reads two grams high 🙁

  • Thoy's Thai Food Videos On Youtube - January 14, 2018 reply

    Good one 😃👏🏻👈

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