AMIR I-2000 Superior Mini Digital Platform Scale Review

Originally recorded April 9, 2017. Buy this digital scale on Amazon:

This is a review of the AMIR I-2000 Superior Mini Digital Platform Scale. In a word: YES! I’ll explain:

Great scale, nicely appointed. Looks sharp. Batteries are included and are a cinch to put in, it runs off 2 standard AAA batteries. Also included are 2 “bowls”, or plastic containers. While not shown in the video, the smaller one can be used to cover the scale platform, while the larger one is just the right size for the entire unit to fit into, so it packs up nice and compact.

The scale is pre-calibrated from the factory and appears to be pretty accurate based on the few things I had on hand to weigh. If I had a set of test weights I could test the unit for accuracy for sure, but it appears to be “close enough for government work” as the saying goes.

Operation is simple, press the on/off button and the display lights up in blue, perfectly and easily readable from any angle, nice and bright. You can press the next button to select the units of measurement. There’s also a TARE button, that will allow you to put the “bowl” on the scale and take away its weight, essentially zeroing out the weight of the bowl. This way you can contain whatever you are measuring and still get an accurate reading. In fact, your local deli is SUPPOSED TO put the container on the scale first, then press the TARE button, then weight out whatever you ordered. Unfortunately it rarely works that way today, most companies are out to get you. While the weight of the packaging is negligible, it’s still your 2 cents.

The scale also has a “piece count” function. You could put the bowl on the scale, press the TARE button, then put 25 of the same item in the bowl. You’d then press the PCS button and select the number of items in the bowl. Then as you add and remove them, the display will tell you how many pieces are in there. Very handy for coin counting.

No problems with the scale at all, it looks great, works great, is for the most part accurate, and it will even shut itself off after a period of inactivity. Excellent all around, the only wish is that the platform would be larger, but it works perfectly for what it is.

The scale weighs up to 3000 grams (approximately 105 oz, about 6.5 lbs). Product Dimensions: 4″ x 5″ x 3/4″. Platform Dimensions: 4″x4″.

Buy this digital scale on Amazon:


jeweleryAMIR I-2000 Superior Mini Digital Platform Scale Review
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  • f23948 - January 10, 2018 reply

    it's pretty cool!

    great for vegetables, fruits weight scale

  • That One Ford Guy - January 10, 2018 reply

    Will it weigh me? Bwahahaha. Love it.

  • tallboyyyy - January 10, 2018 reply

    Preferred by drug dealers everywhere 😀

  • BusDriver14/ Shayne W - January 10, 2018 reply

    CT is count

  • RCM442 - January 10, 2018 reply

    2 people still have analog scales!

  • Rewind Remix - No Copyright Music - January 10, 2018 reply

    love it

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