20 Best Items to Sell of 2017 – Buy These in 2018…BOLO 2018

20 best items to sell of 2017 – Buy These Things in 2018 – These are the top 20 items I sold on Ebay and Etsy to make the most profit ing 2017.

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I’m a stay at home mom, SAHM, that shares thrifty tips, frugal tips, how we live on one income, and how to make extra money to supplement our 1 paycheck household. I show exactly how I make money selling online, what I buy and sell in my ebay store and etsy store, and how to make a passive income from Merch by Amazon, Amazon Affiliates, Youtube, and more! If you are looking for ways to make extra money and find frugal tips for your family, you have come to the right place!

I have found that reselling online is a great way to make money online as a stay at home mom. I pick up things to resell in my Ebay Store and my Etsy Store, both called Texas Gal Treasures. In many of my videos I share how to sell things on ebay and etsy to make a profit so I can make money fast working from home. I enjoy selling jewelry from estate sales, thrift stores, and opening jewelry jars to find the texas treasures within!

This channel is all about making and saving money, learning and having fun for stay at home moms and dads, entrepreneurs, work from home being your own boss peeps, jewelry lovers, shirt makers and more! I teach you how I sell on ebay, etsy, amazon and more. I share what to look for in thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales. I also show you how to list and ship products to customers that you are flipping for profit!


jewelery20 Best Items to Sell of 2017 – Buy These in 2018…BOLO 2018
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  • Zen Kitty Studio - January 10, 2018 reply

    inspiring, I like how you mention putting a higher price on stuff that is rare or you can’t find much like it. I need to be braver in that aspect.

  • pruittlinda48 - January 10, 2018 reply

    Hi Margaret, I tried to list a few needlecraft kits on Etsy had problems. When listing do you list them under finished item or unfinished? I tried unfinished could never get threw to the end something was always wrong?

  • Robin Coletti - January 10, 2018 reply

    Awesome sales. This is informative and inspiring!

  • Karen Leabo - January 10, 2018 reply

    Congrats! Great sales and I love your gutsy pricing strategy!

  • Detox Lady - January 10, 2018 reply

    I loved the little elephant! He's so cute!

  • Kendall Brown - January 10, 2018 reply

    80s bomber jacket, quilted with pearls and studs for $1 and sold on Etsy for $75!

  • autumn grace - January 10, 2018 reply

    Awesome video !!!Thanks for sharing…

  • Sunny Purdin - January 10, 2018 reply

    I found some old Magic Tricks from the 90's that sold for about $400 at auction!

  • CaniCat - January 10, 2018 reply

    I bought a bracelet in a lot, it was unusual (not with any precious metal or stones, but unique) so I listed it for $40 obo on eBay. I accidentally has an extra 0 and listed it for $400. I didn't notice until I got an offer for $150. I love it when you say you won't get a high price unless you ask a for a high price.

  • Susan Arrington - January 10, 2018 reply

    Are all this stuff sold on Etsy Especially the craft kits cause I never see these high prices much on eBay

  • kmriggs100 - January 10, 2018 reply

    Enjoyed the video! The Siamese cat was amazing!

  • Lauren Caddo - January 10, 2018 reply

    "Ebay, what's it worth?" What is that? If you can find it, would you link it here?

  • Kathryn Lay - January 10, 2018 reply

    Great stuff. Love The Mummy necklace. I was complaining to my hubby about the accordion peg rack I'd had awhile. Sold it yesterday. Lol. I've sold about 5 online and 4 even I had an antique booth.

  • Lauren Caddo - January 10, 2018 reply

    Love that chair. Love shadow boxes. Not paying any attention to what you're saying! LOL Just admiring the view! JK!

  • Lisa Powers - January 10, 2018 reply

    When you mention an auction, is it online? Would like more sourcing options. Thanks!

  • Lisa Vintage Writer - January 10, 2018 reply

    I sold a broken solar radio for $725. Pd $12.

  • Tina Buchanan - January 10, 2018 reply

    Hi, Margaret. I found some accordion peg racks with a lot of other vintage stuff at a church rummage sale. Some of the racks have what appear to be broken or cut nails about an inch or so long on the ends of them. Every peg has a nail and they are all the same length. There are at least 4 racks like that. I have looked and can't find any like these. Do you have any idea what the purpose of that would be. I don't know if I should list them like they are. Thanks for all the info you share. You're a huge help!

  • CJ Kelly - January 10, 2018 reply

    Thanks to you I just sold a Sunset Stitchery Vintage Christmas stocking kit From 1978 found at Goodwill for $3, made $75 net!!! ❤️🎄😀.

  • Ramona Lanning - January 10, 2018 reply

    Hello from NC

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