1/6 Scale Tutorial – Where I Shop For Diorama Stuff

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Tutorial – Where I Shop For


jewelery1/6 Scale Tutorial – Where I Shop For Diorama Stuff
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  • Marta Womack - January 12, 2018 reply

    Awesome stuff! So far, due to budget, I've been buying cheap Gloria sets and painting/customizing them, which is time consuming, but I'm good at it! I have made several beautiful 1/6 rooms in my shelves, like a nightclub, but of course, this is SO much more gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! I was anxiously awaiting this video!!

  • Rone' J.M. - January 12, 2018 reply

    Thank u 🙂

  • Wolfsangeleyes - January 12, 2018 reply

    Great informative video. Unfortunately I have trouble understanding you because of the music.

  • YOELCOMANDANTE - January 12, 2018 reply

    First of all I'm sorry, because I do not speak English, sometimes I do not understand correctly, or I do not express myself well (I use a translator). I understand that a part of the video shows different online stores, where to buy that material of scale 1: 6. However, the many images of different sets and figures are yours. Really the stays are fantastic. They have a great detail and a magnificent finish. Not only the accessories are of an exceptional quality, but they are very well finished. For example, are doors and windows printed? Or are they made? As I have said a few times, my figures want to rent these homes, and the music studio, want to rent my AC / DC group (1: 6 scale). That interrogation room is also perfect for my SWAT. Receive a greeting, my friend.

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